Remote Programming Instructions for Marantec Synergy 300 Series Openers


Marantec operators only hold ONE remote code in their memory. Additional remotes are "cloned" from the programmed remote. So if you don't have any remotes programmed into your Marantec operator you'll follow the instructions below to program one remote into the operator. These instructions can also be found in the Marantec operator manual. Any additional remotes will be added by connecting the two remotes using a programming connector and transferring the code from the programmed remote to the additional remote.   If you look at the back of the garage door operator you'll see three buttons: "+", "-" and "P" buttons along with an LED display that shows different icons. You'll use these three buttons and the LED display to program the remote into the operator by using the following instructions for the Marantec Synergy 300 Series models:

Synergy Programming Buttons
Door Open Icon
Remote Control Icon
ON Icon

1. To Program The Remote: Press & Hold the "P" button for approximately 3 seconds.  

2. When the display of the "Door Open Position" on the LED display illuminates release the button.  

3. You are now ready to program a remote. Press & Release the "P" button until the "Remote Control" icon on the LED display is illuminated.  

4. The opener can now learn the code of the remote. Press & hold the button on the remote. Release the remote transmitter button.  

5. The opener has learned the remote code. Now press & release the "P" button. This stores the code in the memory. The "On" icon should now be illuminated on the LED display and the opener is ready for operation.

The above programming instructions will work for the following remotes: 382 2-Button Digital Remote, 384 4-Button Digital Remote, 392 Digital Keychain Remote, M3-2312 2-Button Remote, M3-2314 4-Button Remote and M3-3313 Keychain Remote.

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