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Marantec 75424 Radio Receiver Installation Instructions

Watch a short 5 minute video on what the 75424 Radio Receiver Set contains and how to hook it up to your electric garage door operator

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Finding the Correct Remote for Older Raynor Opener

In this video we discuss how you can determine what make & model of remote your old Raynor garage door operator uses by determining what radio receiver you have attached to the operator.

The older Raynor model operators like the R170, R160, R150, R130 and FliteStar models didn't come from the factory with radio equipment. An external radio receiver would've been added at the time of installation so determining what make & model that receiver is will help in determining what is compatible with it.

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What Does The Wall Station Lockout Button Do?

This video explains what the lockout button on your garage door operator wall control station does. 

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How to Transfer the Code for a Marantec Remote

This video shows how you use the Marantec programming connector to transfer the code from a programmed remote to an additional remote. 

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How to Change the Battery in a Marantec Remote

This video shows an easy way to open the Marantec remote case and change the battery. 

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A Quick Way to Determine Shipping Cost For Items In Your Shopping Cart

This video shows you a quick and easy way to determine what the options and cost for shipping is going to be for all of the items in your shopping cart. And all you have to do is enter your zip code. 

Watch the video HERE

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