Programming Your Car HomeLink to Marantec Garage Door Opener

Programming the Homelink Buttons in Your Car to Your Marantec Opener

Most vehicles are now equipped with built-in buttons that can be programmed to control your garage door operator. There are typically three buttons and they are commonly located above the rearview mirror but occasionally can be found as a part of the rearview mirror or sun visor. If you have the Homelink buttons in your vehicle and need to connect your Marantec garage door opener then continue reading our article as we go over the easy steps to quickly sync your devices, bypassing common programming headaches. 

What if you don’t have an existing Marantec operator remote or the radio receiver on your Marantec operator isn’t compatible with Homelink? Stick around and we’ll cover the different options so you can get your vehicle Homelink connected to your Marantec operator. 

Homelink Visor Programming Buttons

Benefits of Programming  HomeLink to Your Marantec Garage Door Opener

Integrating HomeLink with your Marantec garage door opener offers numerous benefits. Once you have the Homelink buttons programmed to your Marantec garage door operator the three major benefits are: 

  • You no longer need to store the Marantec remote in your vehicle. From a safety standpoint, you no longer need to worry about someone stealing your garage door opener remote.         
  • You don’t have to worry about misplacing the remote since the Homelink buttons are built into the vehicle.         
  • No more replacement batteries. With the Homelink button powered by the vehicle you don’t have to worry about having to replace the battery in the remote.

Homelink and Marantec Compatibility

Some older Marantec garage door operators may not be compatible with the Homelink buttons in your car. The older Marantec openers had the option to use four different radio frequencies – 40MHz, 433MHz, 390MHz and 315MHz. The 390MHz frequency may be compatible and the 315MHz frequency is compatible with Homelink. However, if you have a 40MHz or 433MHz frequency on your operator then it’s not going to be compatible without upgrading the radio receiver. We’ll tell you how to do that a little further down in the article.

How do you know what frequency your Marantec opener is using?  It’s as simple as looking at the frequency printed on the back of the remote.

Marantec radio frequency
If you don’t have a remote (which you’ll need & we’ll cover shortly) then you can check the frequency by pulling the radio receiver out and seeing what frequency is imprinted on it. The radio receiver is in a slot on top of the garage door operator powerhead (motor unit). Pull the receiver out of the slot and you’ll be able to read the frequency (don’t forget to put it back into the slot).

Steps for Programming the Homelink Buttons

If you’ve confirmed that your remote is 315MHz frequency then follow the steps below to program the Homelink buttons using your remote. If you don’t have a remote or the frequency printed on your remote or receiver is not 315MHz then skip ahead to the next section What to Do If You Don’t Have A 315MHz Remote. Once you follow those instructions then come back and follow these steps for programming the Homelink.

  1. Take the 315MHz frequency remote to your car & get inside. You may need to use your car key to turn the power on to the vehicle. The remote must be a working remote. If the remote is not programmed to the opener then you’ll need to do that first (email us if you don’t know how to do that or look in the manual for your model of opener).
  2. If the Homelink buttons in the vehicle were previously programmed to an operator then you may need to clear them first. Refer to your vehicle owners manual on how to do that. Otherwise, proceed with the programming steps.
  3. Press & HOLD the two outer Homelink buttons, releasing only when the Homelink indicator light begins to flash after 20 seconds (Do not perform this step when programming the additional Homelink buttons).
  4. Position the remote 1-3 inches away from the Homelink surface (usually located on your visor, overhead console or mirror).
  5. Using both hands, simultaneously press the desired Homelink button (any one of the 3 buttons that you wish to use) and the remote button.
  6. DO NOT release either of the buttons until the Homelink indicator light flashes slowly and then rapidly.
  7. The rapid flashing indicates the the Homelink button has been successfully programmed.
  8. You can now release both buttons.
  9. Test the Homelink button by pressing it. The garage door should open or close. If the garage door opener does not open/close the garage door then repeat the programming steps.

Congratulations you have now programmed the Homelink button in your vehicle. Place the remote in a drawer so you don’t lose it. You may need it in the future if something happens to your vehicle.

What if you don’t have a working remote for your Marantec operator or the radio frequency of your operator isn’t 315MHz? Lets take a look at how we can solve this problem.

What To Do If You Don’t Have a Remote or a 315MHz Frequency Receiver?

As we mentioned earlier, the older Marantec operators had the option to use four different radio frequencies. If your operator doesn’t have the 315MHz radio frequency then you’ll need to install a new radio receiver in order to connect it to your vehicle Homelink. Learn how to find the receiver on your Marantec opener by watching this video.

The original radio receivers for those older operators are no longer available so you’ll need to use an external plug-in style of receiver. Marantec offers the 75424 Radio Receiver Set that can be found here. The set includes a new radio receiver, one remote and the programming instructions. Once the receiver is installed and the remote that comes with the set is programmed to the receiver, you’ll be able to use that remote to program the Homelink buttons.

We have a short installation and programming video that you can watch here. This will give you an idea on how the receiver is installed and programmed. Feel free to email us if you have any questions about it.

Marantec 75424 Replacement Radio Receiver Set

Marantec 75424 Receiver Set

What if You Don’t Have Any Remotes?

If you don’t have any remotes for your Marantec operator then you’ll need to get one first and program it to the operator. If you checked the radio receiver in the operator (look at the previous section where we explain how to do that) and you have a 315MHz radio receiver then you can purchase the Marantec 382 Digital Remote found here. Once you receive the remote you’ll need to program it directly into the operator. If you don’t know how to do that then you’ll find the programming instructions in the operator manual or you can email us & we’ll send you the instructions (just let us know which model of Marantec operator you have).

382 Digital Remote

Marantec 382 2-Button Digital Remote (315MHz)

What if the Remote You Have is Not 315MHz?

If the remote you have has 40MHz or 433MHz printed on the back of it then you’re going to be in the same boat as if the receiver was 40MHz or 433MHz. You’ll need to install a new 75424 Marantec Radio Receiver Set and program program the new remote to the new receiver first. Read the previous section on what to do if you don’t have a 315MHz frequency receiver.

More Information

These instructions are basic instructions for programming the Homelink button in your vehicle to your Marantec garage door operator. Different vehicle manufacturers may have different versions or instructions. If these instructions don’t work then you should refer to your vehicle owners manual or contact them directly. You can also do a search for programming instructions on the Homelink website.

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