Woods Surge Protector
Woods Surge Protector

Surge Protector 1-Outlet | Garage Door Opener

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Woods Surge Protector
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Woods Surge Protector 1080 joules

Don't let a power surge or lightning strike ruin your garage door opener. Every year garage door openers across the country are damaged by power surges or lightning to the point where they are not repairable or the cost to repair them is more than it's worth. By adding a surge protector to the outlet that your garage door opener is plugged into you can protect the garage door opener for under $10.

  • One (1) outlet 1080 Joule rating surge protector
  • 3-pronged grounded plugs and outlet
  • Joule Rating: 1080 Joules
  • Electrical Rating: 15 A, 120 V, 1800 W
  • Maximum Surge Voltage: 6000 V
  • Maximum Spike Current: 45000 A

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