Finding a Remote for Marantec Mac-Lift III Elite 2007 Garage Door Opener

Do you have a Marantec Mac-Lift III Elite 2007 garage door opener with a broken or missing garage door remote?  Marantec no longer offers the original remotes listed here:

ML1432 Marantec Remote
  • ML-1401, ML-1402, ML-1404, ML-2401, ML-2402, ML-2204 (40MHz frequency) 
  • ML-1391, ML-1392, ML-1394,ML-2391, ML-2392, ML-2394 (390MHz frequency)
If you have one of the discontinued remotes listed above then there is a simple solution to finding a replacement remote. You'll need to add a 75424 Plug-in Radio Receiver Set to the opener. The radio receiver set includes a new radio receiver, one remote, wire and instructions. Marantec offers this replacement kit to replace all of the obsolete radio controls.

Installing the Marantec radio receiver is pretty easy. The radio receiver unit plugs into an electrical outlet. There are two wires that are connected to the radio receiver and then run from the receiver to the powerhead motor unit (2-strand wire included with the set). After the wires are connected you will press the program button on the receiver unit and then press the button on the 382 Digital 2-button Remote (included with the set). The remote is now programmed to the receiver and will open and close the door.

75424 Marantec Receiver Set

It's a simple solution to a common problem and should give you many more years of use from your Marantec Mac-Lift Elite 2007 garage door opener. You can find the 75424 Plug-in Receiver Set here along with other options for additional remotes and a keyless entry.

Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions about the 75424 Plug-in Receiver Set or any other Marantec opener related questions.

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