61RGD Remote (discontinued)
61RGD Remote (discontinued)

61RGD Raynor 1-button Garage Door Opener Remote 390MHz

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61RGD Raynor Remote - obsolete. Use Liftmaster 61LM Remote as a compatible replacement.
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61RGD Raynor 1-button Remote 390MHz (fixed frequency)

The 61RGD Raynor remote was often used with the 540RGD & 545RGD radio receivers on the older Raynor garage door openers. They can be found on the models R130, R150, R170 and Flitestar openers to name a few. Once one 61RGD remote is programmed to the radio receiver the code from that programmed remote can be duplicated in additional remotes by matching the 9 programming dip switches found inside the remote.

  • 1-button Remote Control 390Mhz
  • 9-position trinary DIP switches
  • 19,683 changeable codes per channel
  • 12-volt battery
  • Compatible with Raynor radio receivers: 500RGD, 540RGD and 545RGD
  • Compatible with Liftmaster radio receivers: 500LM, 320LM, 520LM, 412LM, 335LM, 535LM, 635LM
*The 61RGD Remote was discontinued. Use the 61LM Liftmaster Remote or C220-1KA Heddolf Remote as a replacement.

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