how to program 61rgd / 61lm replacement stinger remote

If you have a Raynor 61RGD, Liftmaster 61LM, Chamberlain 750CB or Master Mechanic 61MM garage door opener remote and you're looking for a replacement then watch this video as we show you how to use the Stinger 390LM remote as a replacement. We'll show you how to identify if the Stinger is the correct replacement and how to program it to your operator or radio receiver.

Stinger 390LMD21V Remote

Stinger 390LMD21V 61RGD/61LM Replacement Remote 

If you need a replacement remote for the Liftmaster 61LM 1-button remote or the Raynor 61RGD 1-button remote then the Stinger 390LMD21V remote is an excellent option. Just like the 61LM and 61RGD remotes the Stinger remote has one button, a visor clip and programming DIP switches which means that it programs the same way as the discontinued remotes did. 

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