53-64MFD BMI Start Capacitor
53-64MFD BMI Start Capacitor

53-64MFD 330VAC 50/60Hz Capacitor | Garage Door Opener

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53-64MFD 330VAC 50/60Hz Capacitor BMI
Part Number: 5364x330BMI
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53-64MFD 330VAC 50/60Hz BMI Start Capacitor

Replacement garage door operator start capacitor for various garage door openers.

Compatible with the following Raynor R-Series operators:

  • R110
  • R120
  • R130
  • R150
  • R160
  • R170

Size: 1-13/16"w X 3-5/16"h

53-64 uF Microfarad Rating

330 VAC Rating

Replacement No. 092A053B330BD4A

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