30B532 Liftmaster 53-64MFD Capacitor
30B532 Liftmaster 53-64MFD Capacitor

30B532 53-64MFD Liftmaster Opener Capacitor

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30B532 53-64MFD 250 VAC 50/60Hz Garage Door Operator Capacitor For 1/2 h.p. motors
Part Number: 30B532
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30B532 Liftmaster 53-64MFD 250 VAC 50/60Hz Capacitor

Replacement garage door opener capacitor compatible with various Liftmaster and Raynor 1/2 h.p. garage door opener models

  • Liftmaster Part No. 30B532
  • 53-64MFD Capacitor
  • 250 VAC 50/60/Hz
  • 4"x1-3/8"

Compatible with the following Raynor operators: Airman (3270RGD), Airman II (8155RGD), Aviator (1280RGD, 2280RGD, 3280RGD), Aviator II (8355RGD), Corporal (3255RGD), Corporal II (8165RGD), Pilot (1265RGD, 2265RGD, 3265RGD), Pilot II (8365RGD)

Compatible with the following Liftmaster operators: 1255, 2255, 2265, 2565, 1270, 1280, 1280R, 2280, 3280, 2580, 2220, 3265, 3265M, 3255, 3255M, 8365, 8155, 8165, 8355

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