Marantec Old-to-New Programming Cable
Marantec Old-to-New Programming Cable

Old-to-New Programming Cable for Marantec Remote

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Marantec Garage Door Remote Old-to-New Programming Cable
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65853 Marantec Old-to-New Programming Cable

The Marantec Old-to-New Programming Cable is used to transfer the code from a programmed remote to a new remote. Marantec garage door openers are different from other brands in that they only hold the code for one remote. Then when you get additional remotes the code from that one programmed remote is copied on the new remotes by connecting the two remotes with the programming connector and transferring the code. By doing it this way you are able to add as many remotes to the operator that you want.

*The Old-to-New Programming Cable can only be used on remotes that have the same frequency. If you want to transfer the code from one remote to another check the frequency printed on the back of the remotes. If they aren't the same frequency the transfer won't work. The cable also only works between the old ML style remotes (see picture below) and the newer "M3" models and Digital remotes.

  • For programming "ML" Series Remotes to new "M3" Series Remotes & Keyless Entry
  • If you have an older ML-1312 315MHz remote and you purchase a newer 382 Digital, 384 Digital or M3-3313 Remote then you'll need the "old-to-new" programming cable to program the new remote to your existing ML remote. It can also be used to transfer the code between a ML-1431 Remote and the newer style M3-2432 Remote (433MHz)
  • The programming cable is used to transfer the code between two remotes that are the same frequency (315MHz to 315MHz frequency or 433MHz to 433MHz frequency). You'll find the frequency is printed on the back of the remotes.
Old to New Marantec Program Cable

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