97303 Marantec Remote Visor Clip and Program Connector
97303 Marantec Remote Visor Clip and Program Connector

Marantec Remote Visor Clip and Programming Connector

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Visor Clip and Programming Connector for Marantec Remotes
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Visor Clip & Programming Jumper for Marantec Remotes

The New Program Jumper is probably the number one thing that customers misplace or lose for their Marantec garage door opener remotes. The programming jumpers are so small that they're easy to misplace. It's best if you tape the programming jumper to the top of the wall control station so you'll know where to look for it when you need it.

If you have more than one Marantec opener remote or you're adding another remote to your Marantec operator then you'll need the New Program Jumper to transfer the code from an existing programmed remote to the new remote.

A Visor Clip is included and is compatible with the "M3" remotes (except the M3-3313 key chain remote). The clip slides into the back of the remote so it can be secured to the visor in your car.

  • (1) Remote Visor Clip (fits models M3-2312, M3-2314, M3-2432, 382 Digital and 384 Digital remotes)
  • (1) #69625 Marantec Garage Door Remote New Programming Connector
  • Programming Instructions Included (programming from one "M3" remote to another "M3" remote)
  • The New Programming Connector is for programming new "M3" Series Remotes, New Digital Remotes or programming a "M3" model remote to a New Digital Remote

 If you just need instructions then you can download the programming instructions for using the New Programming Jumper here.

*NOTE: If you purchase a new 382 Digital Remote or 384 Digital Remote from us then the visor clip and programming jumper will be included with the remote.

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