CR2154 Digi-Code PEC-R3 Replacement Sensors
CR2154 Digi-Code PEC-R3 Replacement Sensors

CR2154 Digi-Code Raynor PEC-R3 Replacement Safety Sensors

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Digi-Code CR2154 Raynor PEC-R3 Replacement Sensors (pair)
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CR-2154 Digi-Code Photo-electric Safety Sensors (pair)

The Digi-Code CR2154 Safety Sensors replace the PEC-R3 (4050727) Raynor garage door opener photo-electric safety sensors.

  • CR-2154 Digi-Code replacement sensors. The original Raynor PEC-R3 Safety Sensors manufactured by Raynor are no longer available. The CR-2154 Sensors are the only compatible sensors currently available to replace the original Raynor PEC-R3 Sensors.


  • Includes both the Emitter Sensor and Receiver Sensor
  • Includes new sensor mounting brackets, mounting screws for brackets & instructions
  • Not Included: Wire to connect sensors to opener
  • Note: These sensors are slightly different and will not mount to the original PEC-R3 sensor brackets. The new CR-2154 Sensors require new mounting brackets (included) to be installed.


  • For use with the Raynor R160/R260 model opener and some of the R170/R270 model operators. Some of the Raynor R170 openers used PEC-R4 sensors - check yours and make sure you order the correct model of sensors.
  • DETERMINE WHICH SENSORS YOU NEED BEFORE ORDERING. If there's 3 wires on one sensors and 2 wires in the other sensor then the sensors are PEC-R3 sensors. If you have 2 wires coming out of each sensor then you have the PEC-R4 sensors. Unfortunately Raynor Manufacturing discontinued the PEC-R4 Sensors in Feb. 2014 - there are no replacements available for the PEC-R4 Sensors.


  • If you need sensors for any of the other Raynor openers (Admiral, Aviator, Airman, Commander, Corporal, Endeavor, General II, Navigator, Pilot, Prodigy, Sergeant II, or Ultra) use the Liftmaster 41A5034 Safety Sensors.

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