Adjustable Opener Reinforcement Bracket
Adjustable Opener Mounting Bracket

Adjustable Opener Reinforcement Bracket

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Adjustable garage door opener mounting bracket
Part Number: 903ADJORBX
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18"-24" Adjustable Garage Door Operator Reinforcement Bracket

The adjustable opener mounting bracket is attached to the top section of the garage door. The opener arm then connects to the mounting bracket. The reinforcement mounting bracket can help relieve stress from the opener arm pulling on the top section of the garage door and help eliminate the door from cracking or stressing. The bracket is adjustable to accommodate sections from 18" to 24".

  • 13 gauge galvanized steel
  • Eliminates garage door arm hook up bracket
  • Adjustable for 18" to 24" section heights
  • Kit includes clevis & cotter pins and (4) 1/4"x3/4" screws for mounting to steel door
  • Mounts to center of top section to help eliminate steel doors from cracking

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