85LM Liftmaster Radio Receiver Transformer
85LM Liftmaster Radio Receiver Transformer

85LM Liftmaster AC Transformer

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85LM Liftmaster Plug-in Transformer
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85LM Liftmaster Radio Receiver Plug-in Transformer

A transformer is sometimes required for powering a radio receiver when there on no connections on the garage door opener for power. The Liftmaster 85LM power adapter plugs into a standard outlet to power the Liftmaster radio receiver.

Compatible with the following Liftmaster radio receivers:

850LM Liftmaster Commercial Universal Radio Receiver, 412HM Liftmaster Coaxial Receiver, 312HM Liftmaster Coaxial Receiver, 422LM Liftmaster 2-channel Receiver, 423LM Liftmaster 3-channel Receiver

  • Optional Universal Radio Control Plug-in Transformer
  • Power input level: 105 - 135 AC
  • Plug-in jack for easy installation

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