373RGD Remote - discontinued
373RGD Remote - discontinued

373RGD Raynor 3-button Garage Door Opener Remote Transmitter

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373RGD has been discontinued. Use the 373LM or 893MAX remotes.
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Raynor 373RGD Raynor 1-button Garage Door Opener Remote 315MHz

The 373RGD Raynor remote was used with Raynor garage door openers from 2006 to 2014 listed below. The 3-button remote is compatible with those models of garage door openers that have a Purple Learn Button. The 373RGD features Security+ rolling code technology and works on a 315MHz frequency.

    Features Security + rolling code technology
    315MHz frequency
    Directional visor clip and programming instructions included
    5-year 3V lithium battery included

Compatible with the following Raynor opener models:

    Admiral 3850RGD
    Airman 3270RGD
    Aviator 3280RGD
    Endeavor 3585RGD
    Commander 3220RGD
    Commander II 3240RGD
    Corporal 3255RGD
    Navigator 3245RGD
    Pilot 3265RGD
    Prodigy 3800RGD
    Ultra 3595RGD


Look for the Purple Learn Programming Button on the garage door opener
Opener Purple Learn Button
*The Raynor 373RGD Remote has been discontinued. Use the 373LM Remote or the 893MAX Remote as a replacement.

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