Marantec Synergy Garage Door Openers: Ultimate Guide & Review

Marantec Synergy models Garage Door Openers: Ultimate Guide & Review

Welcome to the Garage Door Zone, where our mission is to assist you in finding the right repair and replacement parts for your garage door operators. Our team takes great pride in ensuring that our customers can extend the life of their existing operators through effective repairs and upgrades. However, there are instances when parts become unavailable, leading us to recommend a complete replacement of the garage door operator. 

Regarding replacement options, our customers often seek our guidance on choosing the best garage door operator. Among the various brands we endorse, Marantec stands out, particularly the Marantec Synergy models. The standard Synergy 200 series includes models 260, 270 and 280 while the Synergy 300 series includes models 360, 370 and 380. The Synergy Solo and Synergy LC are also included in the Synergy series of operators.

Available Models

Synergy 380

Synergy 370

Synergy 280

Synergy 270

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We have two picks when it comes to replacing your operator but it all depends on what you want. A great entry level  model is the Synergy 270 with its powerful yet quiet 750 Newton DC motor. But our top choice is the deluxe Synergy 380 which uses an 1,100 Newton DC motor that will handle any size garage door. 

The Marantec Synergy 380 is a standout choice in garage door openers, offering a blend of power, quiet operation, and convenient accessories designed to simplify your life. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the numerous benefits of the Marantec Synergy 380. We'll cover everything from product specifics and available accessories to the product manual and maintenance tips, ensuring you get years of reliable use from this exceptional garage door operator.  

All of the parts, remotes, or accessories that we mention are compatible with all of the Synergy models unless we specify otherwise. Note that the Synergy model 260, 360, Solo and LC have been discontinued but the parts for these models are still available unless noted otherwise.

Discontinued Models

These models have been discontinued and are no longer available

Synergy 360 Synergy Solo
Synergy 260 Synergy LC1000

Our Top Picks

Here's a breakdown of our top pick for the Marantec Synergy garage door operators 

Marantec Synergy 380 Garage Door Opener
Opener Comparison

Introducing the Marantec Synergy 380

The Marantec Synergy 380 is a highly efficient and dependable garage door operator system, suitable to use on just about any size of residential garage door. Here are some of the features: 

  • 1100N (Newtons) DC Motor (1.1 HPCS, horsepower comparable motor) for powerful performance 
  • Programmable travel speeds of up to 7 inches per second 
  • Built-in 1,100 Lumens of integrated and extendable LED lighting, eliminating the need to replace burnt out light bulbs 
  • Pre-tensioned belt rail system for quiet operation Soft stop and Start functionality to reduce wear and tear on the operator and garage door 
  • Compatible with your vehicle Homelink buttons 
  • Photo-eye safety system 
  • Optional accessories: wireless keyless entry system, wireless interior wall station, keychain remote, wi-fi connectivity, battery backup and more 
 The Marantec Synergy 380 garage door opener targets homeowners looking for a quiet, powerful and reliable garage door opener. The question remains: does this garage door opener meet the needs and preferences of its intended audience? Lets take a look.

Notable Marantec 380 Opener Features

When selecting a garage door opener, homeowners typically consider factors such as: 

  • Noise level 
  • Motor power
  • Ease of installation
  • Ease of programming
  • Remote control options 
  • Battery backup 
  • Wi-fi connectivity 
  • Homelink compatibility

 The Marantec Synergy 380 aims to fulfill the needs of homeowners with its powerful motor and quiet operation, as well as integrated safety sensors for enhanced protection against accidents or damage. Let's take a look at the operator and how it delivers on these factors.

Noise Level

The Marantec Synergy 380 ranks up there as one of the quietest garage door operators. With the operator utilizing a DC motor there is a slight motor whine but not much more as it opens or closes the garage door. Along with the DC motor is the belt that drives the system. With this combination, the only real noise you hear is the garage door creaking as it moves. Put a little lube on your garage door and the whole system moves up and down silently.

Motor Power

The Marantec Synergy 380 opener is equipped with a DC motor rated at 1100 Newtons which is the rating for DC motors. This is the equivalent to a 1.1 horsepower AC motor (HPcs = horsepower comparable in strength). This is more than enough power to move any garage door and the speed can be adjusted. The 380 operator can handle just about any size door. The operator has a heavy duty rail system that comes standard in for 7' garage doors but an alternate rail can be chosen to accommodate door heights of 8', 10' 12' and 14'.  

Ease of Installation

If you're doing this installation yourself and you purchase an opener from an online Marantec dealer then the 7' 2-piece belt rail assembly will be the only one you will be able to get. The other length of rails are too long (and expensive to ship via freight shipping) so you'll need to pick up the operator from a local Marantec dealer. Then you can get a 1-piece rail in the for the height you need. The installation is straightforward and can be easily done by following the detailed installation manual included with the operator. The installation and connections of the safety sensors and wall control are going to be similar to other garage door operators.

Ease of Programming

This is probably the most asked about feature of the Marantec operators. The Marantec garage door operators are unlike any other brand of operators on the market when it comes to programming. As far as the initial setup for the travel settings and programming the remote it is easy to follow in the manual and doesn't take long at all. 

The difficulties that people can experience is when additional "tweaks" to the operator may want to be done. It can be a little confusing following the instructions at first but after being done a few times it makes sense and goes quickly. Programming additional remotes or a keypad is also different from traditional operators but once it's done once or twice it's a short and simple process.

Remote Control Options

The model 380 comes standard with one white glossy 4-Button Remote. The remotes and keypad that can be added to the system are solid. If you're looking to add more remotes to the operator then the 382 2-Button Remote is an option or you can choose to use the 392 Keychain Remote which is great for keeping in your pocket or purse. The 384 4-Button Remote is also an option if you have more than 2 Marantec operators that you wish to control with the remote.  

The M13-631 Wireless Keyless Entry is a perfect add-on when you need access and don't have a remote. The keypad can be programmed to control up to 4 Marantec garage door openers. 

Lastly, the Wireless Wall Control Station is great for when you want to add another push button inside your garage but don't want to run the wires to do it. The control station has 2 buttons that can be programmed to control 2 Marantec garage door openers.

Battery Backup

The 104586 Battery Backup may not be included with the operator (sometimes it is so be sure to ask) If it isn't included then it can be added. We like that sometimes it's an option as not everyone wants this as part of the operator. The only exception to this is in California where they have a law that states that all new garage door operators must have a battery backup. So if you're in California you'll need to have the battery backup. They are a nice feature to have when the power goes out but if you live in an area where that rarely happens then it may not be worth it to add the battery backup.

Marantec Synergy 370 opener with battery backup

Synergy 380 with optional battery backup

Wi-Fi Connectivity

The Maevo BlueFi Stick is not included with the operator but it can be added. We can appreciate that this is an add-on and not included. It helps keep the initial price of the operator down and many people have no interest in wi-fi connectivity. For those that do want to connect their smartphone to their garage door opener then installing the Maevo BlueFi stick will allow the user to control their operator using the Maevo app on their phone.

The Maevo BlueFi Stick is compatible with the Synergy garage door operators manufactured after March 1, 2022.

Maevo Bluefi WiFi Stick
Maveo wifi stick

Homelink Compatibility

If you have a vehicle that was made in the past 10 years then most likely your vehicle is equipped with the Homelink buttons above the rearview mirror or on the rearview mirror. Some people are not interested in carrying a garage door remote in their car and they'd rather use the Homelink buttons. If that's you then you're in luck as the Marantec 380 (along with all the other models made in the past 15 years) are Homelink compatible. You'll need to use a Marantec remote that's programmed to the operator to program the Homelink button but once it's programmed you can put the remote in a drawer and rely solely on the Homelink button to open & close your garage door.

Homelink Compatible

The Marantec Synergy 380 garage door operator is compatible with vehicles equipped with the Homelink buttons


Programming Instructions

Programming The Opener

If you are familiar with how traditional garage door remotes and keypads are programmed then seeing how the Marantec accessories are done will probably feel very foreign to you. As we mentioned earlier, once you do it a couple of times you'll find it goes a lot smoother and faster. Below you'll find: 

  • Marantec 360, 370 and 380 Opener Manual 
  • Marantec 260, 270, and 280 Opener Manual
  • 382 Digital Remote Programming 
  • M13-631 Wireless Keyless Entry Programming
  • Wireless Wall Control Panel Programming

Marantec Synergy Series Garage Door Opener Manuals

Download the Synergy 300 Series or Synergy 200 Series garage door operator manuals to learn how to program various accessories along with the instructions on how to make adjustments to the operator. 

Marantec Synergy 370 Opener Manual
Marantec Synergy 200 Series Opener Manual

Digital Remote Programming 

The Marantec operators can hold the code to one remote. Any additional remotes that you wish to add to the operator are cloned from that one programmed remote by using a Programming Connector. Below we will go over the steps on how to program the one remote into the garage door operator's memory. If you wish to learn how to add additional remotes then check out our video on programming additional remotes here.

If you look at the back of the garage door operator you'll see three buttons: "+", "-" and "P" buttons along with an LED display that shows different icons. You'll use these three buttons and the LED display to program the remote into the operator by using the following steps:

382 Digital 2-Button Remote
Synergy Opener Program Buttons
Synergy Door Open Position
Remote Control Icon
On Icon

1. To Program The Remote: Press & Hold the "P" button for approximately 3 seconds.   

2. When the display of the "Door Open Position" on the LED display illuminates release the button.   

3. You are now ready to program a remote. Press & Release the "P" button until the "Remote Control" icon on the LED display is illuminated.   

4. The opener can now learn the code of the remote. Press & hold the button on the remote. Release the remote transmitter button.   

5. The opener has learned the remote code. Now press & release the "P" button. This stores the code in the memory. The "On" icon should now be illuminated on the LED display and the opener is ready for operation.

You can use the above instructions to program any one of the following Marantec remotes: 382 Digital Remote, 384 Digital Remote, 392 Digital Keychain Remote, M3-2312 Remote, M3-2314 Remote, or M3-3313 Remote. 

Programming Additional Remotes

Once you follow the above instructions and have one remote programmed into the operator, you can now use that programmed remote to program additional remotes or a wireless keyless entry system. You'll need to use the 3-prong programming connector in order to program the extra remotes. If you purchased a new remote then you'll find the 3-prong connector included with the remote. If you don't have one then you can purchase a 3-prong programming connector.

Programming Additional Remotes

The programming instructions using the connector are pretty straightforward. By connecting the two remotes with the connector you will transfer the code from the programmed remote to the new remote. You'll do this for each remote that you wish to add to the Marantec 370 garage door opener.

Use the following programming steps

  • Hold the programmed remote in your left hand and the new remote in your right hand 
  • Insert the 3-prong connector into the right side of the programmed remote and into the left side of the new remote 
  • The two remotes should now be connected with the 3-prong programming connector 
  • On the programmed remote, Press & HOLD the button that works the operator 
  • While holding the programmed button, press & HOLD the button on the right hand (new) remote that you wish to program 
  • The LED light on the new remote will blink a couple of times and then go solid 
  • You can now release the buttons and disconnect the programming connector 
  • Test the new remote by pressing the button you just programmed 
  • Repeat the above steps for each button or remote that you wish to program to the operator 

You can download the instructions here or watch a short instructional video with programming tips here.

How to Program Remote with Old to New Connector

Marantec M13-631 Keypad

M13-613 Marantec Wireless Keyless Entry Programming 

All you need to program a M13-631 keypad is a remote that is currently programmed to your garage door opener. By following a few steps you'll have a personal PIN number programmed to your keypad in just a few minutes.

There are two important steps that you need to take before starting:

  1. REPLACE THE REMOTE BATTERY. The keypad needs to receive a strong signal during the programming process. You can try programming the keypad with the existing battery in your remote but if you have a problem with keypad picking up the signal from the remote then you should replace the battery in the remote.
  2. REMOVE THE VISOR CLIP. Again, you can try to program the keypad with the visor clip on the back of the remote but if you run into an issue with the keypad receiving a remote signal then remove the visor clip.
If you follow the two steps above before you start the programming process you'll have more success.

Programming the M13-631 Keypad Instructions

  • Install the batteries in the back of the keypad
  • Press & hold the #3 button for 3 seconds & let it go 
  • The 2 middle LED lights on keypad should be lit
  • Immediately press & HOLD the button on the remote control
  • Move the front of the remote back and forth from the #5 & #6 buttons down to the #0 on the keypad
  • Keep slowly moving the remote back and forth between those numbers until you see the 2 middle LED lights flash fast for a few seconds
  • Immediately after you see the 2 LED lights flash, enter your 4 digit PIN
  • Press & RELEASE the ENTER button two (2) times
  • Wait a few seconds and then test the keypad – enter your PIN number, press & release the ENTER button to make sure it opens the garage door.
You may have to repeat the above steps a few times until the keypad picks up the signal from the remote and you program a PIN number.

You can download and print out the Marantec M13-631 Wireless Keypad instructions here

If you want to watch how program the M13-631 keypad along with some programming tips then check out the instructional video 

Marantec Keypad Programming Video

Programming Wireless Wall Control

The instructions to program the Wireless Wall Control Station (Command 133) is the same as if you were to program additional remotes. You'll need to have a 3-prong Programming Connector and a remote that is programmed to the operator in order to program the wall control.

Marantec Wireless Wall Control
Programming Connector

  1. Push the 3-prong programming connector into the right side of the wireless wall station and the other end into the left side of the remote
  2. Press and HOLD the button on remote that is programmed to the opener
  3. While holding the remote button, press and HOLD the top button on the wireless wall station
  4. The LED light will flash and then glow solid when the programming is done
  5. Release the buttons on the remote and wall station. The wall station is now programmed
  6. Repeat the steps above if you have a 2nd opener and would like to program the bottom button on the wall control station
  7. The wall station can now be mounted anywhere inside the garage

You can download and print out the Marantec Wireless Wall Control Station here or watch the instructional video here

How to Program Wireless Wall Station

382 Marantec 2-Button Remote

382 Digital 2-Button Remote

384 Digital Remote

384 Digital 4-Button Remote

392 Keychain 2-Button Remote

392 Keychain 2-Button Remote

M13-631 Wireless Keyless Entry

M13-631 Wireless Keyless Entry

Wireless Wall Control Station

Wireless 2-Button Wall Station

EL300 LED Light Kit

EL300 LED Light Kit

EL200 LED Light Kit

EL200 LED Light Kit

Synergy 300 Battery Backup

Synergy 300 Series Battery Backup

Synergy 200 Battery Backup

Synergy 200 Series Battery Backup

Maevo Wifi Stick

Maveo WiFi Bluefi Stick

Marantec Program Connector

3-prong Programming Connector

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Considering the price, performance, and features offered by the Marantec Synergy 380, it appears to provide good value for money and is our TOP PICK. The operator provides the power necessary to handle any size door while also providing ultra-quiet operation. It also offers: 

  • Limited lifetime warranty on the motor, gears, and rail assembly 
  • Upgraded 1,100 Lumens of integrated LED lighting with over 30,000 hours of lifespan 
  • Ability to operate the LED lights even when running on battery power 
  • Powerful and quiet motor 
  • Safety sensors for added protection 
  • Optional battery backup system for power outages 
  • Optional wifi-capabilities
  • Homelink compatibility
All these features contribute to justifying its price. Nevertheless, we understand that everyone's budget isn't the same. If you don't want to or can't go for our top pick deluxe Synergy 380 model then our second choice, Synergy 270 model, is an excellent choice. You'll get most of the same features as the 380 while saving a few dollars.


Whether you go for our top pick Synergy 380 garage door opener or our second choice Synergy 270 you can't go wrong. The powerful, quiet motors, programming features, warranty, multiple accessories and add-on's make the Marantec Synergy garage door operators top contenders in the garage door operator market.

If you have any questions about where you can get the Marantec Synergy garage door operators or if you're looking for parts or accessories then please don't hesitate to contact us here or email us at [email protected].

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