remote programming instructions for marantec m4500 and m4700 openers

About the M4500 and M4700 Marantec Openers

Programming a remote for a Marantec opener can be difficult without instructions. Below you will find the instructions for programming one remote into the model M4500 and M4700 Marantec garage door operators. We will go through each step that you need to follow in order to program the Marantec remote into your Marantec opener. 

Important Note: You'll only use the following instructions if you don't have any remotes currently programmed into the operator. The reason for this is that the Marantec radio receiver can only hold the code from one remote. The code of the programmed remote is copied using a programming connector to any additional remotes you wish to add. You'll find a short instructional video here that will explain how to use the programming connector to transfer the code from the programmed remote to an additional remote. 

Opener Programming Buttons

Here's a rundown on how to program one remote into a Marantec M4500 or M4700 model opener using the red buttons found on the opener powerhead (motor unit) mounted on the ceiling.

If you look at the underside of the operator you will three red buttons labeled "+", "-" and "P". These three buttons along with the 8 circular red LED lights next to these buttons are what will be used during the programming process. 

Here's a rundown on how to program a remote into a M4500 or M4700 Marantec opener by using the buttons on the opener powerhead (motor unit) mounted on the ceiling:

Diagram of the programming buttons on the M4500 and M4700 garage door openers.

Marantec Programming Buttons

Instructions to Program A Remote

  • Press and hold the "P" button for approximately 2 seconds. When all LED lights illuminate and LED #2 begins to blink, release the button. You are now ready to set or change the desired adjustment. 
  • Press and release the "P" button until the #7 LED is illuminated. 
  • LED #7 should now be blinking. The opener can now learn the code of the remote transmitter. While the #7 LED is blinking, press and hold the button on the remote transmitter. 
  • When you see LED #7 flashing rapidly, you can release the transmitter button. The opener has now learned the code of this remote. 
  • Press and release the "P" button. This will store the code in the memory of the radio receiver. It also completes the adjustment setting and program process. The LED lights will automatically fade out in a circular pattern, which indicates that the program mode is complete. 
  • LED #8 should now be illuminated, and the opener is ready for operation. 
  • Test the remote by pressing the programmed remote button and the operator should open or close the garage door.

Programming Additional Remotes

The above instructions will program one remote to the operator's memory. If you wish to add more remotes to the operator then you'll need to use a New Programming Connector to transfer the code from the programmed remote to the additional remote(s). You can watch a short video here that will show you how to transfer the code from the programmed remote to the additional remote.

Purchasing Compatible Remotes and Keypad

If you have one of the older model remotes M3-2312, M3-3313 or M3-2314 or one of the newer 382 Digital Remotes then you can purchase the compatible 382 Digital Remote here and the compatible M13-631 Wireless Keyless Entry here. Other repair parts for the M4500 and M4700 operators can be found here

Watch the helpful programming video below to show you step-by-step instructions for programming the first remote into the M4500 or M4700 operators.

Program M4500 Marantec Remote Video

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