ML-1402 Marantec Remote (obsolete)
ML-1402 Marantec Remote (obsolete)

ML-1402 Marantec 2-Button Opener Remote 40MHz

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ML-1402 Marantec Remote - obsolete
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ML-1402 Marantec Midi 2-Button Remote 40MHz - discontinued

The Marantec ML series of remotes like the ML-1402 2-button midi transmitter was used primarily with the Marantec Mac-Lift Deluxe 2005 and Mac-Lift Elite 2007 garage door openers. They could have also been used in some of the Marantec M-Line M4500 and M4700 openers. Most of these ML-1402 (and ML-1404, ML-2402 & ML-2404) remotes were used in Marantec openers prior to 2003. Some may have been used in other years as the 40MHz frequency remotes were discontinued and stocks were depleted.

All of the 40MHz frequency remotes were discontinued and no replacements are available. None of the "universal" remotes on the market will work so if you have an existing ML-1402 2-button transmitter (or one of the other 40MHz frequency remotes) then you'll need to replace the radio receiver along with the remote.

The Marantec 75424 Plug-in Radio Receiver Set is a good choice as a replacement radio. The radio receiver plugs into an outlet and then two wires are run from the receiver to the operator. The remote that comes with the plug-in radio receiver is then programmed to the new receiver. Pretty simple setup. Additional remotes can be added to the receiver and a wireless keyless entry can also be added.

If you have questions about the receiver set or your Marantec opener then use the Contact Us tab at the top of the page to email us and we'll try and help you out.

75424 Radio Receiver Set
                  75424 Marantec Radio Receiver Set

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