MKS1 Metal Garage Door Opener Jamb Key Switch

Metal Jamb Key Switch for garage door openers

Seen and used on many older garage door openers but still available are the jamb key switches. A hole is drilled into the outside side jamb of the garage door opening where the jamb key switch is mounted. Two wires are attached to the jamb key switch and fed through the jamb and back to the garage door opener where they are connected. When the key is turned it sends a signal to the garage door opener to open or close the garage door.

  • Metal jamb key switch
  • Includes: cylinder, mounting plate, hardware & two keys
  • Keyed randomly
  • Mounts to garage door jamb and is hardwired to opener using bellwire (not included)


The jamb key switch can be hardwired with Bell Wire found here

MKS1 Metal Garage Door Opener Jamb Key Switch
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  • Item #: MKS1
  • Manufacturer: Vee
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