MDRU Linear Radio Receiver Set
MDRU Linear Radio Receiver Set

MDRU Linear MegaCode Garage Door Opener Radio Receiver Set

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MDRU Linear MegaCode Radio Receiver Set 318MHz
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MDRU Linear Plug-in MegaCode Receiver Set 318MHz

The MDRU Linear MegaCode plug-in radio receiver is universal and can be used on many of the older garage door openers including such openers as the Raynor R170/270, R160/260, and R150/250 that have exterior mounted radio receivers. The receiver is one channel and can be used to control one garage door opener. MegaCode uses a frequency of 318MHz and features over one million radio codes. The receiver is compatible with the Linear MCT-11 1-Button Remote, MCT-3 3-Button Remote and the LPWKP Wireless Keypad.

The MDRU Receiver has a built in transformer and plugs directly into an electrical outlet. All that is required is running a single two-conductor wire (included) from the MDRU Receiver to the garage door operator push button output. Compatible remotes and keypad can then be programmed to the radio receiver by using the learn button on the receiver.
  • MDRU Linear MegaCode Single Channel Receiver 318MHz
  • Compatible with Linear MegaCode
  • Easy to install - one connection using two conductor wire
  • Codes: 1,000,000+ (MegaCode format)
  • Memory: storage for up to 10 MegaCode remotes and/or keyless entry
  • RF Frequency: 318 MHz
  • Receiver Set Includes: (1) MDRU radio receiver, (1) MCT-11 1-Button Remote, (1) 8' piece 2-conductor wire, instructions

The MDRU MegaCode Receiver is an excellent replacement for obsolete external radio receivers that were used on older Raynor, Genie and Overhead openers like the discontinued model 500LM and 520LM radio receivers. If you need a replacement receiver with extra remotes or keypad then choose one of the Optional Remote Bundles and get the MDRU Receiver Set along with extra MCT-11 1-Button Remotes and/or LPWKP Linear Wireless Keypad.

Is your outlet further than 8' from your garage door operator and need longer wire than the 8' that is included with the receiver set? You can find 2-conductor wire here and add the length you need.

MDRU Receiver Set (no options): Includes MDRU Radio Receiver & (1) MCT-11 1-Button Remote

Optional Bundle 1: Includes MDRU Radio Receiver & (2) MCT-11 1-Button Remotes

Optional Bundle 2: Includes MDRU Radio Receiver, (1) MCT-11 1-Button Remote & (1) LPWKP Keyless Entry

Optional Bundle 3: Includes MDRU Radio Receiver, (2) MCT-11 1-Button Remotes & (1) LPWKP Keyless Entry

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