M8-705 Marantec Opener Safety Sensors
M8-705 Marantec Opener Safety Sensors

M8-705 Safety Sensors Marantec Garage Door Opener

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Marantec Garage Door Opener Safety Sensors
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M8-705 Marantec Garage Door Opener Photo Eye Sensor Safety Kit (with brackets and wire)

The Marantec photo eye safety sensors consist of a transmitter sensor and a receiver sensor that project an invisible beam between the two sensors when connected to the operator. When the sensors are powered and aligned properly the green light on the transmitter sensor will be on solid. If the invisible beam is broken or the sensors are misaligned then the green light on the transmitter sensor will flash. The red light on the receiver photo eye sensor will always stay on red as long as there is power to the safety sensors.

The model Marantec garage door opener M8-705 Photo Eye Safety System is backwards compatible as replacement sensors for all Marantec garage door opener models. Replaces previous sensor models: ML-705 (69190), ML-705 (0047454), M4-705


  • Includes new transmitter safety sensor and receiver safety sensor
  • Kit includes: mounting brackets,wire and installation instructions
  • Fastners for mounting sensor brackets NOT INCLUDED (use (4) 1/4"x1-1/2" lag screws)
  • M8-705 sensors are less susceptible to the sun "blinding" the sensors
  • Easily identifiable LED lights indicate obstructions or photo eye system misalignment
  • For Marantec opener models: Mac-Lift Deluxe 2005, Mac-Lift Elite 2007, M4500, M4700, M4500e, M4700e, M4900e, Q7500, Q7700, Q7900, Synergy260, Synergy270, Synergy280, Synergy360, Synergy370, Synergy380, Synergy Solo, Synergy LC, M50

M8-705 Marantec Opener Safety Sensors

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