M3-2314 Marantec Mini 4-Button Remote

M3-2314 Marantec Garage Door Opener Remote

(Replaces older Marantec remote model ML-1314V)

The M3-2314 Marantec remote was used with Marantec garage door openers up until 2016 when the 384 Digital remote was introduced as a replacement model. The old Mac-Lift model openers did not use the M3-2314 remotes and only some of the M-Line M4500 & M4700 openers used the M3-2314 remotes. All the Marantec opener models after 2006 used the 315MHz frequency and the M3-2314 remotes were compatible. Go here if you have an older model or you're not sure what remote will work with your opener. We explain how to tell what frequency of receiver your Marantec opener has and what remote will work with it.

  •     M3-2314 Marantec Remote 2-button Transmitter 315MHz
  •     The M3-2314 was compatible with SOME M-Line M4500, M4700 and Q-Line Q7500, Q7700 Q7900 models and ALL M4500e, M4700e, M4900e, M4500ECO, M4700ECO, M50, M55, Synergy 260, Synergy 270, Synergy 280, Synergy 360, Synergy 370 and Synergy 380 and Synergy Solo Marantec model openers
  •     Includes remote visor clip
  •     CR2032 3-volt battery included
  •     New Programming Jumper to program a M3-2314 remote to another M3-2314 remote or M3-631 Keyless included
  •     The M3-2314 remote can be programmed to control four Marantec garage door openers
  •     Programming instructions using the jumper included.

    Compatible with Martin Garage Door Opener Models: DC3700, DC2500 and DC3700HD



THE M3-2314 REMOTE HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED.  Use the new Marantec Digital 384 4-Button Remote


384 Digital Marantec remote







Not sure if the 384 Digital Remote will work with your Marantec opener? Check out our post on our Support Manuals site "How To Find The Correct Marantec Garage Door Opener Remote"

  • Manufacturer: Marantec
  • Model #:: M3-2314
M3-2314 Marantec Garage Door Opener Remote Transmitter
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  • Manufacturer: Marantec
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