Linear MegaCode Garage Door Opener Keypad
Linear MegaCode Garage Door Opener Keypad

Linear MegaCode Garage Door Opener Keypad (Gray)

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Linear MegaCode Wireless Keyless Entry Keypad
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LPWKP-G Linear Megacode Garage Door Opener Wireless Keyless Entry Keypad (Gray)

The Linear LPWKP-G MegaCode Wireless Keyless Keypad is designed for the Linear line of residential garage door openers, Linear gate openers and Linear MegaCode radio receivers. The LPWKP Linear Keypad replaces the older discontinued MDTK keyless entry. The MegaCode radio format provides security with over a million different codes. Programming the LPWKP Linear Keypad is easy and provides you with the comfort of allowing you to access your garage without having to carry a remote around with you.

The LPWKP Keypad is easy to program and you can select a 1 to 6 digit PIN number. The keypad has built-in keypad lighting for use at night or in dark areas. The silicone keys are backlit with a soft blue glow and you can activate the keypad backlight by pressing the light button.

  • Light gray (off white) exterior color with a soft blue lighted keypad for nighttime use
  • Hinged cover to protect the keypad from the elements
  • Newest Version! Replaces the previous Linear keypad model MDTK
  • Program a unique 1 to 6 digit pin number
  • 318MHz radio frequency
  • Compatible with Linear garage door opener models: LDCO850, LDCO852, LDCO800, LDO33, LDO55, LDO50, LSO50 and LCO75
  • Also compatible with Linear MDRU Plug-in Radio Receiver and MDR MegaCode Receiver
  • Includes: mounting hardware (2 screws & anchors), Three (3) AAA batteries and programming instructions


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