Linear Garage Door Opener Plug-in Radio Receiver Kit

#MDRU1SET Linear Garage Door Opener Plug-in Radio Receiver Kit - includes radio receiver and one remote

The Model MDR/U 1-Channel Plug-in Receiver is a versatile (universal) receiver that makes it very easy to equip nearly any garage door operator for use with Linear’s popular MegaCode format transmitters. MegaCode uses a frequency of 318 MHz and features over one million radio codes to all but eliminate any possibility of code duplication. It offers simplified programming via the receiver’s learn mode.

The MDR/U replaces the MDR and plugs directly into any electrical outlet. All that is required is running a single two-conductor wire from the MDR/U to the operator’s push-button input.

The MDR/U has one normally open contact output. It can be used to send a remote control signal from up to 10 MegaCode transmitters. A learn mode dramatically simplifies programming to just a button press.

  • Includes #MDRU Linear Radio Receiver and one (1) Linear MCT-3 3-Button Remote Control.
  • Perfect for upgrading the radio equipment on older electric garage door operators. Radio receiver and remote operate on 318MHz frequency. Easy to install and program.
  • Works on any garage door opener.
  • Includes bell wire and installation & programming instructions

Linear Garage Door Opener Plug-in Radio Receiver Kit
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  • Item #: MDRU1SET
  • Manufacturer: Linear
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