Linear DR Delta-3 Radio Receiver
Linear DR Delta-3 Radio Receiver

DR Linear Delta-3 Garage Door Opener Receiver 310Mhz

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Linear Delta-3 model DR Radio Receiver 310MHz
Part Number: DR
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Linear Delta-3 Radio Receiver Model DR (part number DNR00001)

The Linear model DR radio receiver has been used (and is still being used) as an external radio receiver on many brands of garage door operators. From the 1970's into the 1990's there were many different brands of garage door openers that would use external radio receivers (instead of today's openers that have the radio receivers built into them). One of the top receivers that was used in the Linear Delta-3 single channel digital radio receiver found here.

You may find these receivers on older Genie, Stanley, Raynor, Overhead, Chamberlain, Liftmaster, Allister or other makes. Most operators will have a 24v power hookup directly on the operator so the radio receiver can be powered but if it doesn't then you'd need to use a transformer to power the receiver. 

On the back of the radio receiver you can see a recessed area with 8 DIP switches inside. These 8 DIP switches can be set to either ON or OFF position. You decide how you want to set them (we recommend not setting them to all ON or all OFF). Then to get your Linear DT-1 Remote to work you'll match the 8 DIP switches in the remote to the same position that you set the switches in the radio receiver. Very simple programming and you can add as many remotes as you want as long as they are all set to match the radio receiver.

  • Linear Delta-3 Single Channel Digital Receiver 310Mhz
  • Compatible with Linear DT-1 Remote, DT-2 Remote and DTKP Keyless Entry
  • 8 Dip switches / 256 selectable codes
  • Model: DR / Part #: DNR00001
  • 24 volt VAC/VDC (does not include optional #524 Transformer)

The DR Linear Delta-3 radio receiver was used on many of the older Raynor garage door openers such as the R170/270, R160/260, R150/250, and R130.

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