CRC390-3A Heddolf Keystone Remote
CRC390-3A Heddolf Keystone Remote

CRC390-3A Heddolf Remote | 973LM or 373LM Replacement Remote

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CRC390-3A Heddolf Remote - replacement for 973RGD, 973LM, 373RGD, or 373LM
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CRC390-3A Heddolf Garage Door Opener Remote

The CRC390-3A Heddolf/Keystone Remote is a dual frequency remote that can be set to either 390MHz frequency or 315MHz frequency. The remote is a compatible replacement for certain (see below) Raynor, Liftmaster, Chamberlain and Sears remotes. The remote can be programmed to operate three operators on the selected frequency.

  • 3 buttons can be programmed to 3 separate operators
  • Selectable 390MHz or 315MHz frequency
  • 3"x1-3/4"x1/2"
  • Includes visor clip, programming instructions and A23 battery

Compatible replacement remote for the following models:

  • Raynor - 971RGD, 973RGD, 970RGD Remote OR 371RGD, 373RGD, 370RGD Remote
  • Liftmaster - 971LM, 972LM, 973LM, 970LM Remote OR 371LM, 372LM, 373LM, 370LM Remote
  • Chamberlain - 950CB, 953CB, 956CB Remote OR 950D, 950CD, 953D or 956D
  • Sears - 139.53753 Remote

If your operator is manufactured by Raynor, Liftmaster, Chamberlain or Sears and has a Red, Orange or Purple Learn Button then this remote will be compatible by setting the jumper in the remote to 390MHz or 315MHz frequency depending on your operator model. The remote is NOT COMPATIBLE with the newer Security+2.0 Yellow Learn Button operators.

Selectable 390MHz or 315MHz frequency (Garage door opener Learn Button: Red/Orange learn button is 390MHz; Purple learn button is 315MHz)

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