Replacement Batteries

We carry a couple of the most common replacement batteries that you'll find in the garage door opener remotes and wireless keypads. These batteries are common in these products but probably not in your drawer at home. Pick up a couple of spare batteries so you'll always have some on hand. There's the popular CR2032 lithium battery that's used in many of the garage door remotes on the market. And then there's the A23 alkaline battery that can be found in some remotes and keypads.


A23 12 volt alkaline battery Maxell 3-volt Lithium Battery
A23 12V Alkaline Battery | Garage Door Remotes and KeypadsCR2032 Maxell 3-Volt Premium Lithium Battery

A23 12 Volt Alkaline Battery by Camelion The Camelion A23 12V battery can be used as a replacement in garage door opener remotes and wireless keyless entry. You can also find the A23 batteries used in car security system, electronic transmitters...

CR2032 3-Volt Premium Lithium Battery

Replacement 3V lithium battery for garage door opener remotes