9931T-318 Allstar 1-button Remote 318MHz
9931T-318 Allstar 1-Button Remote

9931T-318 Allstar 1-button Remote 318MHz

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9931T-318 Allstar 1-button Remote 318MHz
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9931T-318 Allstar 1-Button Garage Door Opener Remote

The 9931T-318 remote is compatible with the model 931R-318 radio receiver. Works on 318MHz frequency and uses 9 trinary DIP switches.

  • 9931T-318 Allstar 1-Button Remote (trinary 9 dip switch platform with: +,0,- positions)
  • 318 MHz frequency
  • Compatible with model 931R-318 receiver
  • Compatible with remote model ADX9931, PDX9931, 931-318, 9931-318, 9931 (318 MHz), 9931T (318 MHz), 931T-318
  • 9-volt battery and programming instructions included

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