893MAX Liftmaster 3-button Garage Door Opener Remote

893MAX Liftmaster 3-button Garage Door Opener Remote 2.0 Security + Technology

The 893MAX Liftmaster garage door opener remote replaces many of the previous models of Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Raynor, Sears & Craftsman garage door opener remotes. The 893MAX garage door opener remote is a good replacement for lost, stolen or damaged remotes as it replaces many of the older Liftmaster remotes and works with all of the Liftmaster garage door openers manufactured after January 1993. So if you're looking to add more remotes to your operator or replace a remote that has been lost or damaged then the 893MAX Remote will most likely work.

Below we list many (but not all) of the compatible remotes & operators the 893MAX works with. If you're not sure if the 893MAX remote will work with your older opener then feel free to use the Contact Us page with your opener info and we'll help you determine if it's compatible.

  • Liftmaster 893MAX 3-button garage door opener remote transmitter
  • Can control up to 3 garage door openers, gate openers or Liftmaster MyQ enabled light devices
  • Features Security +2.0 rolling code technology
  • Replaces 81RGD, 83RGD, 971RGD, 972RGD, 973RGD, 970RGD, 370RGD, 371RGD, 373RGD Raynor remotes and  81LM, 83LM, 971LM, 972LM, 973LM, 970LM, 370LM, 371LM & 373LM Liftmaster remotes
  • Compatible with all Liftmaster, Sears & Craftsman garage door openers manufactured since January 1993 and all 315MHz Liftmaster & Elite gate openers
  • Compatible with Raynor openers: Aviator, Pilot, Navigator, Corporal, Endeavor, Ultra, Commander, Commander II, Prodigy, Admiral and Admiral II
  • 5-year 3V lithium battery and programming instructions included


  1. Locate the Learn Button on the garage door opener. It should be Green, Red/Orange, Purple or Yellow
  2. Locate the Program Button on the back of the 893MAX Remote
  3. To enter program mode, press the Program button on the back of the remote until the LED on front of remote comes on
  4. Press & release the remote control button you wish to use the number of times that corresponds with garage door opener type. (1) press for Yellow Learn button; (2) presses for Purple Learn button; (3) presses for Red/Orange Learn button; (4) presses for Green Learn button.
  5. Exit the programming mode by pressing any of the remote buttons except the button that was just programmed
  6. Press and release the Learn Button on the garage door opener
  7. Press and hold the remote control button programmed in Step 4 until the garage door opener lights flash or two clicks are heard
  8. To test, press the programmed button on the remote control

You can also go to our Support Manuals Site and download the 893MAX programming instructions

  • Manufacturer: Liftmaster/Chamberlain
  • Model #:: 893MAX
893MAX Liftmaster Remote
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  • Item #: 893MAX
  • Manufacturer: Liftmaster
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