880LMW Liftmaster Smart Wall Control Station
880LMW Liftmaster Smart Wall Control Station

880LMW Liftmaster Smart Control Panel (41A7305-1/41A3705)

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880LMW Liftmaster Smart Wall Control Panel for MyQ Security+2.0 openers
Part Number: 880LMW
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880LMW MyQ Security+2.0 Garage Door Opener Multi-Function Smart Wall Control Panel

Compatible with various Liftmaster, Chamberlain and Raynor garage door operators. Replaces previous part number 880LM.

*The 880LMW is the same as the 41A7305-1 Chamberlain Smart Control Panel and 41A3705 (880RGDW) Raynor Smart Control Panel as they are made by Liftmaster/Chamberlain.

The 880LMW Smart Control Panel can be used to complete many functions that used to require climbing a ladder and messing with the buttons on the opener power head on the ceiling. You can program the opener remotes, a wireless keypad, set up Wi-Fi (if your opener is Wi-Fi compatible), set the clock, set the timer-to-close feature, adjust the light settings, and turn on the Maintenance Alert.

  • Door Control Push Bar: Press to open or close the door. Press again to reverse the door during the close cycle or to stop the door while it's opening
  • Light Feature: Press the Light button to switch the opener light on or off. When the door is open or closed the light will remain on for 4-1/2 minutes
  • Lock Feature: Designed to prevent operation of the door from portable remote controls. However, the door will open and close from the Door Control Push Button and from a Keyless entry accessory
  • Learn Button: Used to add, reprogram or change a remote control or keyless entry pin number
  • Maintenance Alert System (MAS): When the garage door opener needs to be serviced (approx. 4500 garage door opener cycles) the command (yellow) and service (red) LEDs will begin to alternately flash back and forth
  • Includes mounting screws and installation instructions

  • Compatible with Liftmaster opener models: WLED, 8550W, 8587W, 8557W, 8360W, 8355W, 8365W-267, 8160, 8165, 8155, 8065, 8010, 8550, 8587, 8557, 8360, 8355, 8365-267
  • Compatible with Raynor opener models: Admiral II (8550RGD/8550WRGD), Airman II (8155RGD), Aviator II (8355RGD/8355WRGD), Corporal II (8165RGD), General II (WLEDRGD), Prodigy II (8500RGD), Pilot II (8365RGD/8365WRGD-267) and Ultra II (8587WRGD)
  • The opener has to have a Yellow Learn Button and Yellow antenna with Security+2.0 technology to be compatible

DOES NOT INCLUDE bell control wire. If you need control wire to connect the control panel to your opener you can find the Bell Wire here

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