75424 Marantec Receiver Set with Keyless Entry
75424 Marantec Receiver Set with Keyless Entry

75424WKE Marantec Opener Radio Receiver Set With Keyless Entry

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75424WKE Marantec Plug-In Radio Receiver Set with Wireless Keyless Entry

-Includes 315MHz frequency plug-in radio receiver, one (1) 382 Digital 2-button remote and one (1) M13-631 keyless entry

Buy the Receiver with Keyless as a bundle and get FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING!

Do you have an older/outdated garage door operator where the remotes no longer work or are no longer available? Or perhaps you have a car with Homelink buttons but they're not compatible with your current remotes? If you do then the Marantec Plug-In Receiver with Remote and Wireless Keyless Entry is the answer. Simply connect the two wires from the Receiver to the back of the operator, plug in the receiver and program the remote and keyless. Add additional remotes for other cars or just for spares. Will work on all Marantec or other standard garage door operators.

This radio receiver set works well to replace the older obsolete 40MHz or 390MHz Marantec radio equipment on the Mac-Lift garage door operators.

  • Set includes one (1) Plug-In Radio Receiver 315MHz frequency
  • One (1) 382 Digital 2-Button Remote Control - includes battery, programming connector & visor clip
  • One (1) M13-631 Wireless Keyless Entry - includes batteries & programming instructions
  • Bell wire to connect radio receiver to the electric operator
  • Installation instructions




  • Programming Tips:
  • Act fast when programming the keyless entry! From the time you get the LED's on the keyless to light up in Step 1 of the instructions to Step 3 when you enter a 4-digit PIN number you only have 10 seconds. You may have to do this step several times until you get it.
  • If you are programming the keyless to a 75424 Plug-in Radio Receiver once the keyless is programmed you will need to hold the enter button for 3 to 4 seconds every time you enter your 4-digit PIN number to open or close the garage door. This is the way it works with all M13-631 Keyless & 75424 Plug-in Receiver combinations.

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