4" Gray 1/4"T Bottom Garage Door Seal (Raynor/Gadco)

4" Wide Gray 1/4" T-style Vinyl Bottom Garage Door Weather Seal (priced per pre-cut length.)


Are you looking to replace the worn out or torn bottom garage door weather seal on your garage door? We stock the 4" wide gray vinyl replacement bottom garage door seal that forms a U shape with 1/4" T-style ends. Installing new vinyl bottom garage door seal is an excellent way of keeping out unwanted water and dirt in your garage. The 4" wide bottom door seal works in Raynor garage doors, GADCO garage doors, and other 4" gray vinyl bottom garage door sealresidential & commercial garage doors that have door bottom astragal retainers that accept a 1/4" T-style bottom garage door weather seal.

A new bottom garage door 4" replacement seal also helps to fill in any gaps between the bottom of the garage door and an uneven garage floor. If the garage floor is level then use the more common 3" bottom garage door seal.

  • 4" wide gray vinyl bottom garage door weather seal
  • The "T" part of the seal measures 1/4"
  • Seal slides into bottom garage door section astragal retainer
  • Priced per pre-cut lengths of 8',9',10',11',12',13',14',15',16',17',18',19',20',21',22',24',26',28',30',32',34',36',38', and 40' 
  • Seals are cut 5" to 6" longer (at no extra charge) so there's extra seal on each end to tuck back into the retainer
  • Fits GADCO garage doors, Raynor garage doors and other brands that use a true 1/4" T-style bottom garage door seal
  • Fits the following Raynor models: Aspen Series (AP200LV, AP200, AP138), Tradition Series (Masterpiece, ShowCase), Advantage Series (TradeMark, BuildMark), Discontinued Models (Classic, Decade I & II, Affina, Centura, Relante, Prisma, Charleston); Commercial Models: TC Series (TC320, TC300, TC200), ThermaSeal Series (THM220, TM200, TM175), SteelForm Series (S16, S20, S24, S24-C), Discontinued Models (Tri-Core, Styleform Standard & Basic)
  • Note: due to tolerances in manufacturing the actual width of the seal can vary from 2.775" to 3"


  • If you need seal for a Clopay, CHI, Ankmar, Amarr or other brand then you should get a seal with a 5/16" "T" (some seals are called 1/4" but are actually 5/16"). For that application consider using the 4" wide 5/16" T-style rubber seal


  • Installation tip: have two people to install - one to pull the seal through the retainer and the other to feed the seal into the retainer. It's also a good idea to put some soapy water or lubricant on the retainer before trying to pull the vinyl seal through.
  • Check out our Support Manuals site article - "How To Replace Bottom Garage Door Seal" for more helpful tips on installation and finding the right seal for your garage door



4" Gray Vinyl Bottom Garage Door Seal. Replacement bottom weather stripping for Raynor garage doors, Gadco garage doors and other brands using a 1/4" T-style seal.
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