33LM Liftmaster 3-button Garage Door Opener Remote Transmitter

33LM Liftmaster 3-button Remote

Liftmaster 33LM 3-button garage door opener remote. The remote has three programmable buttons using the 9 position DIP switches. These remotes are mainly used with commercial garage door openers and the Liftmaster 423LM radio receiver where the buttons can be programmed to open, close and stop the garage door opener. They can also used to replace the discontinued Liftmaster 63LM remotes.

  • Liftmaster 3-button Remote Control
  • Easy code selection
  • 9-position trinary DIP switches
  • Compatible with 423LM 3-channel radio receiver & 412LM 1-channel radio receiver
  • 390Mhz frequency
  • Can be used as a replacement remote for the 63LM remote
  • Green/Yellow/Red buttons (can be used for open/close/stop on 3-channel commercial receivers)
  • Battery included
  • Visor clip and programming instructions included


  • Manufacturer: Liftmaster/Chamberlain
  • Model #:: 33LM
33LM Liftmaster Garage Door Opener Remote Transmitter
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  • Item #: 33LM
  • Manufacturer: Liftmaster
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