3" Cable Pulley
3" Cable Pulley

3" Garage Door Pulley | Heavy Duty Cable Pulley

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Extension Spring Garage Door Pulley
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3" Garage Door Heavy Duty Cable Pulley

The cable pulleys (also referred to as a sheave or pulley wheel) can commonly be found on the garage door extension spring setup. The extension springs are on either side of the door and stretch back over the horizontal tracks. The door cables attach to the bottom of the door, go up over the stationary pulley and back over the pulley with clevis attached to the extension spring.

Over time the pulleys can split or break causing the door cable to get caught in the pulley. This will cause the garage door to not open or only open part way. Check over all four of the pulleys. If you find one bad pulley it's recommended to replace all four of the cable pulleys since they are most likely the same age.

  • 3" O.D. cable pulley
  • Heavy Duty 10-ball bearing
  • 200lb load rating
  • 6 solid rivets
  • Maximum cable diameter: 1/8"
  • 3/8" bore

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