122667 Marantec Module Radio Receiver 315Mhz Model #M16-831

M16-831 Marantec Module Radio Receiver 315MHz (p/n 122667)

The M16-831 module radio receiver is used in the Marantec Synergy garage door openers. It can be used to replace a damaged or failing radio receiver. The M16-831 module receiver is a direct replacement part for the radio receiver that comes installed in the Marantec operators.

This is a replacement module receiver for the Marantec Synergy opener models ONLY.

The Synergy models are: 260, 270, 280, 360, 370, 380 and Solo

If you have a different model of Marantec opener below are options for replacement receivers.

  • Manufacturer: Marantec
  • Model #:: M16-831
M16-831 Marantec Module Radio Receiver 315Mhz
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  • Item #: 122667
  • Manufacturer: Marantec
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