108D79 Liftmaster Opener Light Cover (various models)

108D79 Liftmaster Opener Light Cover

The light cover (or globe) on the garage door opener helps protect the light bulbs for dust, dirt and breakage. Over time they can become brittle, yellowish or break from dropping them. The 108D79 light cover is a replacement cover for the Liftmaster and Raynor garage door openers listed below.

Replaces previous part numbers: 108D0079, 108D68, 108D0068, 108D68-1, 108D0068-1, 108D0079M

  • Compatible with Liftmaster models 2002-present (all models not listed):
  • 2245LM / 3255LM
  • 2255LM / 3255LM
  • 2265LM / 3265LM
  • 2280LM / 3280LM
  • 3130M / 3240M
  • 3585LM
  • 3595LM
  • 8155LM
  • 8165LM
  • 8365LM
  • Compatible with Raynor models 2002 - present (all models not listed):
  • Airman
  • Airman II (8155RGD)
  • Aviator (2280RGD / 3280RGD)
  • Ultra (3595RGD)
  • Endeavor (3585RGD)
  • Pilot (2265RGD / 3265RGD)
  • Pilot II (8365RGD)
  • Navigator (2245RGD / 3245RGD)
  • Corporal (2255RGD / 3255RGD)
  • Corporal II (8165RGD)
  • Commander II (3240RGD)

Double check your garage door opener manual so you get the correct replacement light cover. In the back of manual there will be a parts list. If you don't have an opener manual you can download many of the opener manuals on our Support Manuals site.


108D79 Liftmaster Garage Door Operator Light Cover
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  • Item #: 108D79
  • Manufacturer: Liftmaster
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